The Magic Keys II

You enjoyed The Magic Keys I and are back for more? Join JJ, Ace, and Kate as they embark on an adventure to find the red key. Time is running out before the volcano erupts, and JJ, Ace, and Kate must face new challenges before they have a chance to grab that red key.

By the way, you'll find out what happens to the volcano at the last episode!

The Magic Keys I

In the first episode of this exciting animated story, the volcano on Cooberry Island is rumbling! JJ, Ace, and Kate must work together to stop an eruption from destroying the island - but can they find what they need in time to save their home?

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Out of Egypt

When Ace put a spider of Kate's head, he had no way to know it had a deadly bite! Now Ace and JJ must travel to a far away pyramid and find the antidote that will save Kate's life within three days. Will they find it in time or Kate will never wakes up!

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